Our team handles the hot topic of large carnivores-human coexistence, while increasing the knowledge base on large mammals’ ecology, focusing on the wolf and the Balkan chamois. We have also worked with bats in sacred woods. Projects: PONT, AOOS, COEXIST. Previous projects: THALIS

  • Ph.D: Wolf ecology and predation behavior: a conflict minimization strategy towards sustainable livestock breeding

Ph.D. student: Maria Petridou. The PhD thesis aims to investigate: (a) the feeding habits of the wolf and the selection of different livestock species, (b) the spatiotemporal patterns of the wolf and other predators and prey in relation to anthropogenic activity, (c) the impact of livestock practices and the preventive measures applied by livestock farmers to reduce the loss of livestock capital from wolf attacks, (d) the socio-economic factors of wolf and livestock coexistence. Maria does systematic research by collecting wolf droppings and analyzing them in the lab, by working with infrared camera traps in wolf habitats, and by conducting many interviews with livestock farmers in the mountains of Epirus and Thessaly. She proceeds with statistical analyzes using ecological modelling, social statistics and spatial analysis tools. Funding: IKY scolarship, COEXIST, AOOS (projects).