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What do we do in BCL?

Well, first we seek to understand: How do ecological communities function? How species are related to their environment, which are the mechanisms regulating biodiversity patterns and how they do so? What is the effect of climate change on species communities? What is the impact of anthropogenic pressures to wildlife and natural ecosystems?

Then, we seek to transform knowledge into policy and practice. We address major conservation challenges such as protected areas management, conservation actions for endangered species, sustainable grazing, sustainable spatial planning of windfarms and other infrastructures, climate-biodiversity policy, or human-large carnivore conflict mitigation, to name few of them… Yes, the field of action is broad and still growing, responding to the new challenges emerging… However, all research activities have a common basis: they are in line with conservation biology principles and tend to have an applied character. You can find below the BCL research outputs. For the full list of publications produced by the Head of the Lab or Lab team members, see their profiles.

Keywords: applied ecology; biodiversity; climate change; community ecology; conflict mitigation; conservation; species ecology; endangered species; environmental policy; indicators; landscape ecology; monitoring; protected areas; reserve design; road ecology; social surveys; spatial planning of RES (Renewable Energy Resources); sustainability (SDGs), wildlife management.

Biological taxa

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We focus on mountainous ecosystems, but we also work broadly in Mediterranean landscapes and protected areas, including rivers and lakes