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What do we do in BCL?

Well, first we seek to understand: How do ecological communities function? How species are related to their environment, which are the mechanisms regulating biodiversity patterns and how they do so? What is the effect of climate change on species communities? What is the impact of anthropogenic pressures to wildlife and natural ecosystems?

Then, we seek to transform knowledge into policy and practice. We address major conservation challenges such as protected areas management, conservation actions for endangered species, sustainable grazing, sustainable spatial planning of windfarms and other infrastructures, climate-biodiversity policy, or human-large carnivore conflict mitigation, to name few of them… Yes, the field of action is broad and still growing, responding to the new challenges emerging… However, all research activities have a common basis: they are in line with conservation biology principles and tend to have an applied character.



In our menu, we classified our research projects into two topics: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable development.

Biodiversity conservation is our main expertise. Our biological research field is broad, and our taxonomic expertise covers butterflies, grasshoppers, Odonata, herpetofauna, birds (passerines, raptors, other birds) and mammals (bats, chamois, wolf), often combining different taxa into compound multi-taxa biodiversity research. The biodiversity projects menu includes, therefore, the above six subcategories, after the taxa studied.

Sustainable development is the second broad field. We work for the preservation of roadless areas and we promote wilderness culture. We also work on win-win solutions for sustainable spatial planning of windfarms minimizing land and biodiversity impacts without undermining climate goals linked to renewable energy sources (RES) development. Sustainable development includes, therefore, two subcategories.

Each project appears under only one category but can be associated with more categories. Selected projects have their own project website to explore further their outputs and impact. For the full inventory of research projects before BCL birth (2017) see the CV of V. Kati (Who we are).

Biological taxa

Small birds
Large carnivores


We focus on mountainous ecosystems, but we also work broadly in Mediterranean landscapes and protected areas, including rivers and lakes

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