We work with this wonderful group of organisms, undertaking projects on their diversity patterns, ecology, habitat preferences, adaptation to climate change, and conservation management of their habitats.

BCL supports citizen science and coordinates “apollo” – the Greek butterfly monitoring scheme.


  • APOLLO- Greek Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
P. apollo (@A. Aga)

Goal: Apollo’s goal is to set up the first national voluntary monitoring scheme of butterflies in Greece, connecting science with society to mutually benefit citizens, science and nature. Period: Since 2021. Funding: Volunteer (support in material by BCE). Coordinator: BCL.


  • MEIOSIS- Museum specimens shed light in biodiversity shrinkage
N, antiopa (@ K. Zografou)

Goal: Predict the ecological traits that make butterflies adaptable to climate change. MEIOSIS is an excellence grant project run (P.I. Dr. K. Zografou) under the scope to model the decreasing body size of butterflies as a response to climate change across different environments and to map species’ traits that predict the ability of an organism to shrink/ adapt to climate change in relation to its environment. Period: 2023-2025. Funding: Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation. Coordinator: BCL.


  • ALEXANOR- Improving the conservation status of the species Papilio alexanor in Parnassos
P. alexanor (@O. Tzortzakaki)

Goal: Study of the distribution and ecological requirements of the butterfly of Community interest Papilio alexanor in two Natura 2000 sites (Parnassos and Giona mountains) and suggest conservation measures to improve its population status and conservation degree. Period: 2021-2022. Funding: Management Agency of Parnassos National Park. Coordinator: BCL

  • PINS-Monitoring and improving the knowledge of the endemic and threatened entomofauna in the area of the MA of Lake Pamvotis
E. aurinia (@ O. Tzortzakaki)

Goal: Study of the distribution and ecological requirements of important insect species in Mitsikeli and Nemertsika mountains and the broader area (Ioannina, Pogoni): Orthoptera-Lepidoptera. It targets the butterfly Ephydrias aurinia, an annexed species under the European legislation. The study concludes to a spatial database and data on the species ecological requirements with conservation measure suggestions. Period: 2021-2023.Funding: Management Agency of Pamvotis Lake.  Coordinator: BCL. [* Also under ORTHOPTERA submenu]

  • BUTALL- Butterflies of Greece: Linking science with society
P. apollo (@A. Aga)

Goal: Connect science with society, with a focus on butterflies, for the mutual benefit of the citizens themselves, science and the Greek State. The projects sets up the first methodological guideline and provides the means to set up the first national citizen science scheme for recording and monitoring butterflies in Greece. Period: 2019-2020. Funding: National Center for the Environment and Sustainable Development (Currently NECCA). Coordinator: BCL