to Biodiversity Conservation Laboratory

to Biodiversity Conservation Laboratory

My friends, welcome to BCL -the Biodiversity Conservation Lab! 

I am Kiki, a biologist, who has decided (since childhood I admit it…) that she has not the right to live a selfish life, when our Earth is undergoing such a rapid destruction by humankind. We all must do something about, right? Well, conservation biology is what I chose to do in life. A fascinating multidisciplinary science full of challenges. Hard but fantastic! 

I founded BCL in 2017, in the Department of Biological Applications & Technology of the University of Ioannina, where I have moved the same year (after a fluctuating academic life since 2004…). The Lab stands in the heart of Pindus mountain range, surrounded by wonderful wild mountains and a thriving wildlife. Well, BCL is just a computer room, but functioning as the headquarters of the real free lab out there: nature. We set questions, search, analyze, conclude, suggest, teach and try to maximize the impact of scientific outputs to the broad society. 

You can find here the mission of our Lab, understand what we do as research, and get to know Lab people, including myself.  You can explore our projects, our research outputs, and educational activities since BCL establishment. We wish to make biodiversity part of the value system of our society and we have started to develop a citizen-science culture and make relevant knowledge accessible to all in the science for society blog, where you will find popular science articles, videos, policy briefs, even science for kids. At least we try so…

Discover our world and enjoy your visit!

Our team seeks to be part of the global endeavor towards halting biodiversity loss for a better world for nature and people. The Lab mission is to:

increase the biodiversity knowledge base through continuous field data collection and relevant biodiversity databases update

provide evidence-based solutions to major conservation problems by linking biodiversity research with policy and practice

train, educate and inspire young scientists in the field of conservation biology

promote biophilia, by disseminating biodiversity knowledge to the broad public and by engaging society to nature conservation




Collaborators (PhD): 5

PhD students: 4

MSc students: 9



Projects: 5

Papers: 16

Books, reports etc.: 6

Open databases: 3



Scholarships: 2

Grants: 2



Courses : 5

Excursions: 2