The lab

Our mission

Our team seeks to be part of the global endeavor towards halting biodiversity loss for a better world for nature and people. The Lab mission is to:


increase the biodiversity knowledge base through continuous field data collection and relevant biodiversity databases update


provide evidence-based solutions to major conservation problems by linking biodiversity research with policy and practice


train, educate and inspire young scientists in the field of conservation biology


promote biophilia, by disseminating biodiversity knowledge to the broad public and by engaging society to nature conservation

Our network

BCL is member of the following international scientific networks

BCL people have also strong associations with the following networks through their activities

H (Head of the Lab). Initials of researchers. + several researchers plus H, [Past activity]

NEMOR: Network for European Mountain Research
H. Founding Member/ Steering Committee

SCB-Europe Section.
VK+. National Focal point.
[since 2004. BoD-Board of Directors. Chair of Education Committee. Global Education Committee (2007-2010)] 

Roadless initiative

[since 2007] 

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