Our projects

We work with the little creatures jumbing under our feet, with a special focus on the endemic and endangered species of Greece. We run several projects on their distribution patterns, ecology and on the management and restoration of their habitats. Projects: DEMO, LAC2 & LAC , WILLEMSORUM, OITI, PARNO, PINS. Previous projects: LACON, TZIN, INSECTA.2


Monitoring and assessment of the conservation status of Chorthippus lacustris


Conservation management of the endemic species Chorthippus lacustris


Investigating the endemic and threatened entomofauna in Oiti and Tymphristos


Improving the knowledge of Parnassos’ endemic and threatened entomofauna


Monitoring and improving the knowledge of the endemic and threatened entomofauna in the area of the MA of Lake Pamvotis

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